Specialty Handler Raffle

Have you ever wondered how your dog would look out there with a pro? Many handlers have graciously donated a ringside pickup/Handling fee to be raffled. Tickets will be sold on the day of the Specialty, or use our handy PayPal button below to purchase in advance. You don’t have to be present to win — we’ll notify you.

Tickets are 2 for $5, 5 for $10 — or your best deal, an armspan (approximately 30 tickets) for $20!

Select number/amount
Handler’s Name


The winner will be entitled to one ringside pickup at an all-breed show mutually agreed upon with the handler. The certificate is not meant for bathing, grooming, or handling at specialty or prestigious shows. Your dog should be groomed for the show and ready for the ring.

Here are the handlers who have graciously offered their services for us to raffle off:

  • Katie Shepard & Adam Bernardin
  • Michael & Michele Scott
  • Greg Strong
  • Amy Penuel
  • Lindsay Cook
  • Regina Keiter
  • Nina Fetter
  • Zack & Heather Helmer
  • Whitney Meeks
  • Derek Beatty
  • Emily Burdon
  • Sam & Karen Mammano
  • Kristen Greenwood Reynolds
  • Graeme Burdon
  • Carissa Shimpeno
  • Kasey Von Engel
  • Karan Aurelius (who donated a cluster week’s handling!)
  • Lexie Ditlow
  • Ariel and Sarah Cukier

Thanks to all of them for their generous donations!