Oldies But Goodies Beardie Bounce

Calling All Senior Beardies!

When: Saturday, Sep. 16th, 1-4pm
Where: 1851 Griffith Rd, Falls Church, VA

More Information

Senior beardies and their families are invited to Lynne Corn’s house to have their own bounce! (Glenna & Oboe will wait inside so as not to stress aging bones of visitors.) It will be just a fun chance to play and romp in a safe, well-fenced environment. And it is so much fun to watch senior beardies throw off the years and have a good time. Here are the details:

• Date: Sept. 16 (rain date Sept. 17; a message will be sent to those accepting if event is changed)
• Time: 1:00-4:00
• Place: Lynne Corn’s house (see above address)
• Bring a side dish, salad, or dessert. And your older beardies!

When you respond please send an email to Lynne (brynacap@verizon.net) with (1) how many humans; (2) how many beardies; (3) what you are bringing. If you have younger beardies that cannot be left at home for a long time, they may come along, but initially please crate them or leave them in the car so that senior beardies can play without being knocked over by young whippersnappers for at least an hour and a half. After the seniors have played and, if needs be, moved to a quiet spot to rest, younger beardies will be allowed free rein.

NOTE: RSVP by the evening of Sept. 13! Lynne has to cook (probably smoke a brisket all day 9/15) and get stuff like wine, beer, and other beverages. Maybe make some of her famous Beardie Coolers too if the weather is right. So, if there aren’t at least 5 positive responses by 9/13, the event will be cancelled. Beardies, especially you seniors, bark at your humans all day Tuesday and Wednesday that week to be sure they respond!

Use this map for directions: