This is the original NCBCC logo. It has a long history that has provided a respected foundation for our club.

JANUARY 31, 1983 was the first “official” gathering of a group of dog fanciers in the Washington, DC area interested in forming a club dedicated to the Bearded Collie. Terry Stallings (now Johnson), Mary Ann Pflum, Lucy Campbell (not yet Gracie) and Bob Gracie are original and still active members. We soon became known as the Mid-Atlantic Bearded Collie Club.

One of the people most involved in getting the group organized was Millie Koplow, an individual who had been active in Afghans for years and was also an early owner and promoter of Beardies. Millie was elected as our first club President at that January meeting and served as a driving force in the formative early years of the club. She died of cancer in December, 1984.

The Beardie represented in the original NCBCC logo is CH. Edenborough Great Attraction. “Henry” was owned and loved by Millie Koplow and was a significant early sire in the breed. Our club pays homage to Millie and Henry, who contributed so much to the foundation of our club. We used some form of the Henry woodcut to represent our club from 1985 to 2003. We hold a special place in our hearts for Henry and for the fruitful efforts of our founding members.

National Specialties

NCBCC has hosted the BCCA National Specialty four times: in 1990, 2001, 2007, and 2014. Here are the Specialty logos from those shows.

1990-for-web 2001-for-web-new
2007-bcca-national-logo1 2014-screened-bcca-national-logo