Officers and Board

 laura Laura Colombo — President

Laura has owned beardies for 20 years, 6 of which have been in northern Virginia as a teacher of elementary school kids. She competes in conformation events throughout the U.S. and Canada. While in no way ready to compete, she has recently begun an adventure in agility with Gilly. She co-breeds under the affix Burlesque. She has worked in a number of national specialties with the BCCA and has been Show Chair for the NCBCC specialty in Timonium, MD.
Lynne Corn – Vice President
 casey Casey Minner — Secretary

Casey has owned bearded collies for more than 20 years, co-breeding with her mom under Moonstone Beardies, and participates in a wide variety of performance and conformation venues with her dogs. Casey currently has 4 beardies at home, including Diesel (11), Einstein (11), Spike (7), and Scarlett (4). Her dogs are titled in conformation, agility, herding, rally, obedience, and nosework. She also trains Diesel and Spike in tracking each winter. Most weekends and evenings are devoted to the dogs, but in her non-dog time, Casey is a product manager for a bank in Virginia.
 merilynn Merilynn Bergstresser — Treasurer

After retiring with 20 years as an Air Force officer, I went back to school to pick up enough classes to take the CPA exam. I spend my days punching numbers for a military life insurance company but have more fun in the evenings taking obedience and agility classes with Mr. Peyton, who is slowly earning some titles. My sweet 13 year old Zoe is a professional couch sitter. Fortunately, my husband tolerates a house full of leaves and dog hair and I have two older sons I see periodically!
 dave2 David Fruehwald — Director

When David is not functioning as a small cog in the federal government, he is usually out on some adventure with his three Beardie boys Reilly, Brodee and Zolo. Reilly and Brodee are accomplished herding dogs and Zolo is a working therapy dog. All are doing some training in Rally Obedience.

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Rescue: Roger Orrock for Virginia, Linn McChancy for Maryland

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